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Hello fellow readers… I apologize for the delay of posts… Internet has not  been working on my laptop…

At the moment, I’m in Shanghai. I took the high speed train from Xiamen to Shanghai for 8 hours. Yesterday I visited the Shanghai world financial tower. I went to the very top and you could see lots of the city. It would be better if I went in the night because you see the building lights. Then I went to visit some museum exhibition of Shanghai. Ate at Ajisen raven, and met a white person who was working in Shanghai for an internship and is going to school in BC. I then went to the aquarium. Saw very large mantis rays and sharks and other aquatic wildlife.

I sat along the Bund which is the river that flows through Shanghai. Lots of large transportation ships go through. Its very beautiful at night because you can see the buildings light up.

I want your love And I want your avenge


I have no regrets making this



Tonight’s song is about a girl…or Pikachu? I focused on the classic character and Poke-language while I wrote the lyrics to this love song: “Electric Mouse”. I’ve italicized the lyrics where I’m specifically referencing Poke-lore or a moment in the show or video games. Some are obvious, and others are subtle; do you understand them all, true fans? I’m devoting this song to some of my favorite Poke-blogs, which everyone should check out: f***-yeahpokemon, pkmnblue, pokemonforever-, pokemonftwlulz, allpokemonallthetime, pokemonpalooza, all-that-is-pokemon, and nerdchallenge. If you like this tune, check out my other Poke-songs on our Popular Songs page. Free downloads of this song are here, and you can stream it on YouTube here. Thanks for listening! — Kavalier Calm

     Electric Mouse

Your lightning bolt-looks and swift wit
have a special power over me.
When you blush, sparks fly
from the red on your cheeks.

Electric mouse, I choose you. Won’t you choose me?
Electric mouse, I choose you. You’re all I need.

You refuse to live in a bubble;
you’re strong and want to stand on your own.
Well, I ain’t asking you to evolve;
I just don’t want to stand alone.
Even the toughest sometimes need a hand
to fight off Spearow.

I bet those other cats—them Meowth
promise to fly you away in a Team Rocketship.
But I’ll stand right here on the ground
and work to grant your every wish.
Let’s train to fight and and train to love;
I know we’ll be the best there ever was.